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Trijit Corporation

Trijit Corporation provides internet web services for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our services/products are all provided with "Legendary Support" and 99.999% backed SLA.

Our major services are Corporate Consulting & Training, Domain & Hosting, Web Services, Cloud Solutions and more.

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Legendary Support


Sales: 1-800-214-6933   |   Support: +1 650 331 7305

For support queries email us at :
Email - [email protected]

For any queries email us at :
Email - [email protected]

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  • Sales icon Sales: 1-800-214-6933
  • Support icon Support: +1 650 331 7305
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Service Level Agreement(SLA)

Trijit Corporation SLA Statement

Trijit Corporation has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which strives on the following:

  • This Service Level Agreement is applicable for each and every customer who has purchased any of the Trijit Service/Products from
  • Trijit Corporation strives to have website or network connectivity available to http access backed with 99.999% uptime. If Trijit fails to maintain this service level availability, you may contact Trijit Corporation
  • When you agree service terms and conditions of Trijit, we has no control of availability of services on a continuous and/or uninterrupted basis.
  • When you agree and acknowledge that from time to time the FTP Backup services may be inoperable or inaccessible for any reason, including without any limitations whatsoever.
  • Trijit explicitly reserves the right and sole discretion on price modifications, establish guidelines and limits concerning the use of the services, terms modification and etc.
  • If any online issues and problems occur since it may be constantly. There might be occasions when you are unable to access your website or any other service which is not necessarily due to Trijit Corporation and it may be possibly your Internet Services Provider (ISP) is experiencing technical difficulties, or there might be a routing problem between your ISP and TRIJIT or might be any problem from its client side, we cannot bear the responsibility of such problems and are not at all liable to lend ourselves to redressals of any sort. Since our team who always monitoring servers like agents who determines the uptime of our service, and till today not a single client experience such problem from Trijit Corporation.