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Trijit Corporation

Trijit Corporation provides internet web services for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our services/products are all provided with "Legendary Support" and 99.999% backed SLA.

Our major services are Corporate Consulting & Training, Domain & Hosting, Web Services, Cloud Solutions and more.

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Legendary Support


Sales: 1-800-214-6933   |   Support: +1 650 331 7305

For support queries email us at :
Email - [email protected]

For any queries email us at :
Email - [email protected]

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  • Sales icon Sales: 1-800-214-6933
  • Support icon Support: +1 650 331 7305
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About Trijit Corporation

Trijit Corporation is one of the leading global IT Services company who delivers one-stop-solution for your Cloud Datacenter Hosting Services, Complete Network Solutions, IT Support and Consulting Services, and many more. Trijit delivers Datacenter services globally like cloud vps hosting, dedicated server hosting, hosted email services (like Webmail, Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra), mission-critical applications hosting (ERP Hosting - Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SAP), database hosting, instant messaging server (MS Lync and Openfire), Clustering Servers, Virtualization Servers, Any Application Hosting Private/Public Servers, Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions and many more.

TRIJIT CORPORATION has expert and dedicated support team, who handles any level support for your services provided by us. Our Support has been introduces and awarded as "Legendary Support" since we deliver dedicated CRM, who takes care your services support at any level query (this which saves your time just by calling or mailing to one dedicated crm about your issue, no need to keep fallowing up since our CRM does that for you).

We Care our Customers

We manage over 70% of our total business time in customer attention. We care about you, with our services. We believe that all (small, medium and large) our customers are the most important aspect of our success.

We use our own and customers ideas on a daily basis for updating our web site, promoting our site, and issuing new products and announcements. However, we create software for your data or services security, flexibility, and availability. That is why the most important key to our business is customer's satisfaction. We deal with email and phone as our primary source of communication between our customers for there any services issue. You can always count on getting a prompt, helpful, and detailed response to inquiries or problems; often in the same day (many times at an instant, i.e., within 1 hour).

We pride ourselves on establishing secure relationships with our customer's right from sales and support for long lasting relationship. We sell them a product, but we do not stop there. We help the customer on any of their services as per resource availability in TRIJIT, and still we do not stop there. We offer invaluable advice and tips, sometimes even saving the day for a local business, all at no extra cost; because TRIJIT believe in providing Peace of Mind Services for any customers.

Our Statement

Trijit Corporation focuses on providing services to enterprises (small, medium and large) and its offerings include Corporate Training, Web Hosting Services, Data Centre Services, Cloud Hosting Solutions, Enterprise Internet Services, Email Solutions, Exchange Hosting Solutions and etc.

Our Vision
We envision ourselves as the leading company involved in exploring the technology and bring in innovation to change the people's perspective towards technologies.

Our Mission
The company aims at providing next generation software solutions and products with the key factor being INNOVATION.

Our Goals
As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and have a drive for technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through.